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Celebrate nonfiction with a visit from the Maestros!

They present a lively trip through research, writing, editing, illustrating, printing and binding with lots of visuals. They inspire kids to think of themselves as researchers, writers and illustrators, and to see that editing is a positive process leading to better writing. The audience will see examples of research materials, edited manuscripts, storyboards, sketches, and final artwork. Kids love Betsy’s read-aloud with Giulio drawing at the easel. The Maestros are comfortable and effective with audiences of all ages. Up close and personal – no slides!

Programs for Grades Two through Eight last about sixty minutes. A thirty minute program is offered for Kindergarten and Grade One at an age appropriate level. The Maestros also speak to older students and adult groups. Group size is limited to about one hundred and fifty students per session. Usually, three to four programs are offered in a one day visit. Sometimes, an additional short Kindergarten program can be added to accommodate afternoon Kindergarten.

Grades should be divided so that there are not large age spans in any one group so that each presentation can be age appropriate.

Arrangements may be made for bookselling and autographing. An information packet will be sent upon request. Included in this packet, are some letters from teachers, librarians, school administrators and parents who have seen the Maestros present. These letters were not solicited, and are honest reactions to their school visits. It is hoped that they will be helpful to you in your search for a successful author-illustrator visit. A second packet will be sent after you book a date with all pertinent information for ordering books and planning the day. Please contact the Maestros directly if you’d like to receive a packet, have questions or wish to book a date. The honorarium is $1375 for three programs, $1575 for four, for a full day visit with both an author and an illustrator. This includes all expenses except for a mileage charge of $150. The Maestros make all their own travel arrangements. Simply book a visit – they take care of the rest.